International Woodball players ranking 2019

IWbF player ranking 2019

The International Woodball Federation (IWbF) has released International Woodball player rankings for 2019.

The rankings are for the top 30 men and women who finished amongst the top 30 at 11 International Woodball Championships held in 2019. The ranking events are Thailand Open, Hong Kong Open, 2nd Beach Woodball World Cup, 6th Uganda International Open, Asian Cup, Korea Open, Malaysia Open, Singapore Open, Japan Open, Taiwan Open and China.

Adupa Joel (9), Kedi Thomas (21) and Towongo Geofrey (24) are the ranked men.

Nanjeru Denise Pulkeria (8), Nalubega Joyce (9), Mukoova Joan (25) and Mukoya Florence (28) are the women in the top 30. The Ugandans competed at only 2 of the 11 ranking events; 2nd Beach Woodball World Cup and 6th Uganda International Open Woodball Championship hosted by Uganda in May 2019.

Nanjeru Denise Pulkeria retains international ranking but drops from 5th to 8th despite winning 2 silver medals from the Beach Woodball World Cup and 1 Silver from the Uganda International Open.

Nalubega Joyce and Adupa Joel return to the international ranking list after missing out on the 2018 list. The duo first attained international ranking in 2017 after a deserving performance at the 1st Beach Woodball World Cup.

Lam Chi Ho and Lam Ka Man from Hong Kong (China) top the men and women rankings respectively. The duo competed at the 2nd Beach Woodball World Cup and 6th Uganda International Open winning the Stroke Mixed Doubles Gold and Silver.

These rankings are annual.


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