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Wednesday, 28 September 2022 12:34

President's remarks - League

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I take this opportunity to welcome you to the closing ceremony of the 4th Edition of the BLB Woodball League 2022.

UWbF started the Woodball League after a successful piloting survey in 2017, as one of the promising products to the country in nurturing young athletes to boost the National Woodball team performance. 


I take this opportunity to thank the Uganda Government for playing a leading role in the development Woodball. The strong and continuous support by the Government through National Council of Sports, has enabled us to grow. We have been able to host the 2nd Beach Woodball World Cup in 2019, as one of big archives here in Uganda, and not forgetting government’s support towards achieving a Woodball home with an International Woodball manufacturing plant.

I thank the management of Buganda Land Board headed by the Managing Director for not only hosting us hear for the League Finals, but for the great partnership and sponsorship towards the successful of our National League. We as federation are grateful and pledge total cooperation with you and the entire Buganda Kingdom.


UWbF through it’s strategic pillars, has put emphasis on strategic partnership, good governance, talent development and national team performance.


Finally, the activity Calendar is almost to its climax when we shall have the 13th Uganda Open in Mbale in October, and the Kenya International Open in November, plus all other local competitions , I therefore appeal to athletes to maintain discipline as we round off 2022 Woodball season.

I conclude by thanking you the participants for honoring all the fixtures and team managers who sacrifice to make sure that these athletes are available in the right time. Allow me on that note recognize Team Boona Banna Association Woodball Club from Nakasekke District for participating the National League with the youngest teams.

Tuesday, 05 April 2022 08:58

Zawedde: The crown jewel of woodball

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No doubt about it. Lillian Zawedde is the woman Greatest of All Time in Uganda’s woodball. ven in an arena full of legends, the Ndejje University great still makes headlines.

Woodball, which was introduced in Uganda in 2006, is widely known for grooming stars. Yet Zawedde, 35, is one special player who has transformed into the game’s crown jewels.

Anyone who doesn’t know much about Zawedde’s career and place in the woodball game – four World Cup appearances, an MVP who thrived right in the teeth of Joan Mukoova, Joyce Nalubega, Sophie Namuddu and so many other prime stars through generations including such trailblazers as Denise Nanjeru.

Whenever she steps onto the course, Zawedde attracts attention from fans, reporters and especially current young stars. She has an even greater legacy.

“Her top performances is a testament of her persistence and the evolution of the game itself,” said Onesmus Atamba, a former player and now assistant accountant at Ndejje University.

“Over the course of the game in Uganda, she has attained everything every player would dream of,” he added.

Ndejje has a big presence of big-name alumni of woodball and such plaudits from Atamba cannot be taken lightly.

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President Yoweri Museveni has received a special award from the International Woodball Federation (IWbF) for his leading role in promoting the “poor man’s version of golf” to the continent.

State Sports minister Hamson Obua received the distinction on behalf of President Museveni during an elaborate ceremony at the Uganda Woodball Federation (UWbF) offices in Nakulabye.

The gift was a personalised plaque with the picture of President Museveni when he tried out woodball in 2014.

Education and sports Minister Janet Museveni also received a special crafted wooden plaque carrying the tools of the sport, for her role as minister.

According to Paul Mark Kayongo, the president UWbF, the award is the first for any African personality.

“Woodball is the most stable federation and as I represent President Museveni to pick this award, I want to assure you that he is grateful with the sport’s direction,” Obua said.

Six World Cups

“Appearing at six world cups is a good sign of growth and I am happy you are partnering with our lead partners, the People’s Republic of China, for growing this sport,” Obua, who said this was the best year for Uganda’s sport, observed.

In 2014, President Museveni toured the woodball equipment manufacturing factory at Ndejje University.

Kayongo expressed gratitude towards President Museveni and the First Lady for the relentless support towards woodball.

“He is the first president globally to embrace the woodball sport. He is a visionary. On a personal note, as someone who introduced woodball in Uganda, his role is unmatched towards our journey,” Kayongo, who is also the global vice president, said.

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Tuesday, 05 April 2022 08:26


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Many Hats.

Paul Mark Kayongo played football as a striker at the amateur level before he resolved to engage in sports administration. The son of an affluent father in Mpigi District, his long CV includes being a founding member of the Fufa Big League, the chairman of Ndejje University Football Club but prominently known as Mr Woodball for his work towards the game’s promotion in Uganda.

Kayongo, who many describe as diligent workhorse, generous and uncompromising, is the unsung hero for Ndejje University’s sports dominance. He serves as the president of the Uganda Woodball Federation (UWbF), and as vice president of the International Woodball Federation (IWbF).

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